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Hirsch & Russell MD's, PC



The OB/GYNs at Hirsch & Russell M.D.s, PC, in Manhattan’s Upper East Side perform a colposcopy to view your cervix and examine it in more detail, and take a biopsy for further examination if necessary. Contact the clinic today to find out more, or make an appointment online.

A colposcopy is a simple in-office exam that uses a fiberoptic magnifying device to perform a close-up examination of the vagina, vulva, and cervix. Colposcopy is used as a follow-up test after an irregular Pap and or HPV test. Biopsies are performed to determine the cause of the abnormality and help ensure the correct treatment is provided.

Some patients feel anxiety regarding colposcopy; however, it is a normal and safe procedure that carries very few risks. The colposcopy typically takes 10-20 minutes, and most patients experience minimal side effects, such as pelvic pain and light bleeding. Although most biopsies do not reveal cancer, it is critical to rule out that possibility.